Welcome to my nightmare


Once upon a time I had a blog. Fast forward a few years later and it didn’t really fit who I was anymore. I stopped writing. I let about six months of pre-scheduled auto-posts run out before abandoning it all together.

Roughly six months after that I privatized the whole thing. I thought about deleting it but that blog contains a few years of history and growth. I couldn’t bear to make it go *poof* with just few keystrokes.

So here we are … some time later … my life has gone to shit in the past few months and I need to get it out. I need to spew words aimlessly without being interrupted, without any concern for how they are received.

Should you happen to stumble upon my corner of the blogosphere in the next little while, it’s going to be grim. I’m going to whine. I’m going to bitch. I’m going to wail about how unfair the world is. Should you happen to stick with it, it will get better, she said her voice brimming with desperation, because it has to, right?


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