I dismissed someone from my service. It sucked. I hated doing it. I hated his attempts to serve me more than I hated dismissing him.

I had him under my consideration for almost a year. He just couldn’t cut it. I made allowances. I introduced strategies to help him be more. Nothing worked. I put him on notice and gave him a 30 day period to improve. His errors continued. For whatever reason, he was incapable of doing what I wanted when and how I wanted it.

Admittedly, I have high standards. When I dismissed him, he strongly implied that I am looking for the “perfect” slave. It is important to note that all I asked of him was to contact me electronically twice a week and his communication was to be free of errors.  Additionally, he was to serve me in the dungeon a couple of times per month. Not a big deal.  At all.

One of my other boys does all of the above, and meets several other requirements, damn near flawlessly. So, no, I’m not asking too much.

I have fired people in the vanilla world. This is the first time I’ve dismissed someone from my service. I have concerns about the talk that is bound to crop up in the community. I am fairly well respected. I wonder what this will do to my reputation. I don’t believe he will feed the gossip mill. I do believe people will fill the void with supposition because that’s what people do. There is nothing that can be done about that. I wonder why I care about the rumors when I have all but cut myself off from the community of late …  but that’s a whole different post.


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