Still in the Proverbial Closet


Today I was catching up on the blogs I follow.  I read a delightful post by a woman who I relate to quite strongly. I moved my cursor to click the “like” button. I was also going to comment about how funny she is and thank her for brightening my day. Then, I did neither of those things.

Within the past few months I began showing my face on my Fet profile. My son is now old enough that he can’t be removed from our home, should someone choose to maliciously report my non-traditional lifestyle to CPS. I am not concerned about losing a job, should someone seek to out me in that regard. All of the people I’m friendly with are in the lifestyle. In short, I have nothing to lose anymore, so I stopped hiding … or so I thought.

I thought this until today, when I hovered over that like button. I thought to myself Wait just a minute. Yeah, this chick is funny but she appears to be vanilla. If she takes a look at your blog, she could be horribly offended and report you to wordpress. That idea was all it took to prevent me from offering supportive feedback and, for the same reason, I did not link to her very amusing post in this writing.

Circumstances of life may change but there will always be a closet. This saddens me greatly.


One comment

  1. Danielle Nicole · November 2, 2017

    I hope that one day you’re brave enough to come out of that closet, and know that even us vanillas (haha) will accept who you are, and what you have to say and those who don’t? That’s on them, not you.

    No one should ever have to hesitate when it comes to being proud of who they are and online especially, if anyone disagrees your life choices, they can make the choice to scroll right on past! (And we have a delete button for when they don’t!) 💙

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