TMI Tuesday: Past & Present

Past & Present

1. What was your favorite band in high school?
I don’t remember a band specific to high school. I do remember listening to The River over and over, in my senior year, because it was make out music for my then boyfriend and I. I also remember blasting Madonna’s debut album cruising around with my pack of girlfriends.

2. What is your favorite band now?
I don’t listen to a whole lot of radio now. I finally took Hamilton off repeat. I own all of Carrie Underwood’s albums but then I also own all of Lady Gaga’s so …

3. What was your go to “make me feel better” food in high school?
Within walking distance of my high school there was a strip mall restaurant called Pizza Den. When school let out, we would often hoof it over to “The Den” en masse for Strips and Sauce to wolf it down before running back for the afternoon rehearsal of whatever show we were working on. It was nothing more than fried strips of pizza dough with pizza sauce on the side for dipping but I swear that stuff was heaven. I’ve tried making it at home as an adult and it just isn’t the same.

4. What is your go to “make me feel better” food now? Why?
Well, that’s a bit of a sticky wicket. I have numerous “make me feel better” foods now, all of which need to be eaten in quantity to achieve the desired result, none of which are good for you. (I’m pretty sure both those things are prerequisites for feel better foods.) sadly, I no longer have the metabolism of a high school girl and have learned that medicating with food makes one fatter than one would like.

5. Fill in the blank:  That _____ was then; this _____ is now.
That shit was then; this shit is now.

Bonus: Where were you and what were you doing on November 21, 2016?
I’m lucky I remember what I had for breakfast. I have NO idea what I was doing a year ago.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers… you must have been a drama student, I was a theater major.


    • Anonymous Chick · November 22

      At that age, and for many, many years following, I was all theater all the time.


  2. Nero · November 21

    An actual LOL for your answer to Q5!
    I should steal that – it so applies to me!

    Liked by 1 person

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