TMI Tuesday: Let’s Talk About Sex


1. Why should you have sex on a first date?
I happen to be a firm believer in NOT having sex on the first date. That said, I also believe in the ability to argue both sides of an issue so …
One should have sex on the first date to get it out of the way, reduce sexual tension, and open the ability to focus on intellectual concerns.

2. Why do you dislike giving oral sex?
I shall refrain from responding to this question.

3. Tongue or no tongue? Explain.
Well, this is a tricky one. It usually boils down to no tongue or tonsillectomy. Given that, I would generally abstain. Once upon a time, I had the great fortune to date The World’s Best Kisser™. I distinctly remember being shocked that he didn’t attempt to retrieve the contents of my stomach with the tip of his tongue. When I remarked on how wonderful he was, he said “Well what did you expect? This?” followed by a demonstration of The Flailing Slimy Salmon technique that I was so familiar with. I miss that talented mouth of his.

4. Would you have a sugar daddy or sugar mama?
I suppose if I had to choose I would go with sugar daddy, though it has to be said, I find the whole concept repulsive.

5. What’s a sure sign that you need to get laid?
When I become agitated by absolutely everything.

Bonus: Right this very second, which do you prefer– to make love or fuck like a wild animal?
Right this very second? Right now I need hours of gentle treat-me-like-a-lady love making.


Play along at TMI Tuesday.



  1. Nero · November 28

    Oh you big tease. Now we all wanna know your answer to Q2!


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