An open letter to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

I’ve been telling you every day, multiple times per day, for weeks ….

These miniatures:2018-02-02_205202.jpg

NOT these:

I keep telling you. You keep promising that you won’t show me anymore like that. Either this doesn’t mean what you think it means or your pants are on fire.

Since we’re at it: Yes, I am female HOWEVER I’m not getting married. I’m not decorating a mansion. I’m not pregnant. I am not the mother of a toddler. I’m not a nurse. While I absolutely adore cats, I HATE dogs. No, they are not the same thing no matter what your algorithms might tell you.

The fact that I am interested in the history and construction of corsets does not mean that I have any interest in fashioning my own tricorne hat. I especially do not need to know how to make one out of 8 different fabrics/materials/mediums. (Yes, even when you show me how to make one in leather, though, by this point, I can certainly understand why you’d think anything made of leather would lure me in.)

Additionally, though I do enjoy the creative nail art by Russian manicurists, this does not mean I speak Russian. Yes, I do enjoy a good meme but I do not speak enough Spanish to appreciate memes En Español.

In closing, Pinterest, buddy, ol’ pal, stop making assumptions. If I want something, I’ll ask for it.

Good talk.


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