Adventures in Corset Making

20180204_144046 - Copy.jpg

My hips are not quite this large. Some of the weight belongs in my posterior but my kit didn’t include enough pads to split the measurement. Since any corset will not extend that far, this won’t effect construction.

After some five years of waist training, I have finally decided to begin the daunting task that is learning corset making. I am not new to sewing but there is something about the required steel boning that I find intimidating. Having always had a near paralyzing fear of failure, it’s taken me this long to muster my courage.

The impetus for this undertaking is a lack of satisfaction with OTR corsets and a lack of funds to order a bespoke piece. I already have most of the tools I need, including a good quality dress form and the kit to pad it out to my dimensions. I’ve been using this form in a not entirely accurate way because when I bought it I just wanted to “do the thing”. I was not overly careful about the measurements and accepted close enough as near perfect.

Given the complexity of corset construction and the incredible importance of dimensional accuracy, today I again took all of my measurements and reset my dress form for a truer representation of my figure. I also pinned ribbons to the form representative of the measurement lines so I will be assured those reference points will stay consistent throughout the course of my projects.



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