Adventures in Corset Making: Super Bowl Edition

I sat down with all of my tools and my shiny new pattern ready to begin what is likely to be a two-month long project (minimum).


Shiny new, if inadequate, pattern.

I ironed the heavy canvas material for the mock-up stage. I cut, ironed, and marked for size, all of the paper pattern pieces. I sat and read through the instructions highlighting the things I thought I might screw up, adding notes along the way. Then I realized something was missing.

Take a close look at the picture above. Notice anything? That’s okay, neither did I. There is no busk. For the uninitiated, this is the hook and post device that allows the front of the corset to open and close. I then looked at the six other patterns (six!) that I purchased and not one of them has a busk.

What’s the big deal, you say? The big deal is this: Do you see how the corset in the picture covers her iliac crest? Do you know what else it covers? It covers the button and zipper that allows her to use the restroom, should she need to. Now, when fully kitted out in fetish gear, it’s nearly (and I only say “nearly” because I’m sure there is some contortionist somewhere to whom this does not apply, not me, but someone, somewhere) impossible to use the restroom without getting at least partially undressed and the first thing that comes off is the corset.


Without a busk, the only method of removal is to unlace the back completely. No. Just, no. I’d be spending my entire evening in the dungeon restroom. I did consider trying to alter this pattern to include a busk or side zipper. It should not be all that hard given that there are handy seams in those locations. Never having made a corset, I don’t want to risk the time/expense on uninformed suppositions. Therefore, after having spent some two hours preparing to make this corset, I have to start over.


The good news is that I found an historical out-of-print pattern, busk included, on eBay that I picked up for dirt cheap, that is even now winging its way to me from Michigan. This will be my inaugural project when it arrives.


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