Corset Complexity


If you’ve been following along you’ll know that the first corset I planned on making isn’t going to happen because the pattern does not allow for a busk. Though I have a fair amount of sewing experience, I don’t feel comfortable making adjustments to a corset pattern since I have made a grand total of zero corsets.

While I’m waiting for my Historically Accurate Corset Patterns to arrive from eBay, I’m gathering supplies. The Corset Bible according to Lucy recommended Since she has never steered me wrong, I headed over there to check things out.

I found that they have a wonderful variety – read: everything I needed – and absurdly reasonable shipping fees. While the jury is (obviously) still out on efficiency, customer service, and quality of goods, as stated above, I trust Lucy. I seriously doubt I’ll have any issue.

I had initially intended to buy uncut rolls of spring steel boning, but the supplier had kits specifically intended for the patterns I’m waiting on, removing much of the guess work and reducing my learning curve. One of the kits had a bunch of tools that I already own but I was able to extrapolate the items I don’t have (boning and such) to purchase those separately. The other kit I bought intact. Though rolls of spring steel boning will be more cost effective for future projects, I thought the kits would be a better option given my current level of ignorance.

Since I have an unplanned lag in the start of the project, I decided to correct the massive hips on my dress form. Though this oddity would not have made any difference in my corset project, it just looked weird.

I went up to the attic and dragged out a bag of fiber fill. I pulled the measuring lines out of the form, redistributed the appearance to be more accurate between hips and buttocks, and reattached the measuring markers. While I’m annoyed at the project delay, I’m glad I corrected the dress form. My body doesn’t look like that and it bugged me.

Now, I wait.


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