Corset Making: So it begins.

If you’re following along you’ll know that I’ve been waiting for the boned patterns to arrive. I planned on starting whichever pattern showed up first. So, here we are.


Truth be told this is not the one I was hoping for. Though they both have things I’ve never done, this on is far more complex, with gores and gussets. It also includes corset flossing, which I had been fiddling with before I ever knew this pattern existed. Since my preferred pattern has been “delayed” (so sayeth the US Postal service) and is mired somewhere in Michigan, I’m going with what I have on hand.

The supplies I ordered for both arrived in less than 48 hours from my order placement. gets an A for efficiency. The items were well packaged and sent in an appropriately sturdy box. Item quality gets a shrug and an “I guess it’s okay” because frankly I have nothing to compare. We’ll see how they perform much later down the line.


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