Adventures in Corset Making: Pattern Prep

IMG_0336 - Copy

I unpacked my pattern pieces and cut out all those needed for the corset in my size. I pressed them out as I normally would. This time, instead of reaching for my fabric and pins, I picked up my feather-weight fusible interfacing.

I read a tip that said if you back your tissue pattern pieces with interfacing, it will strengthen them, eliminating tearing. Since my patterns usually look like a small animal has been at them by the time I’m finished making one garment, I thought I’d give the interfacing a shot.

I picked up ten yards at the fabric shop. This is far more than I need but it was .39 a yard. I simply couldn’t pass up the price and I figured if this step was as life altering as I expected I’d be doing this with all of my patterns in the future.

IMG_0337 - Copy

Applying the interfacing went as well as I expected and the pieces came out like a dream. This added step took about an hour but since these pieces will be used two to three times per corset, the durability is necessary. This is especially true since, if all goes well, I will likely make multiple copies of the same corset.



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