TMI Tuesday: Valentine edition

1. Tell us two reasons why you would stay in a bad relationship.
Foolishly hoping for change or financial dependence.

2. Do you wish your private life was kinkier?
Given who I am, I had to laugh at this. My “private life” is what isn’t kinky. Ninety-five percent of what I do outside the home is kinky.

3. Tell us about your weirdest sexual experience.
Well, because I’m kinky, I’ve had an awful lot of weird in my sex life. I guess being encased in duct tape would rank toward the top of the list.

4. Can you have a totally hands-free orgasm?
Of course. Doesn’t everyone?

5. What tips can you give for staying hard (you personally or keeping your partner hard)?

Bonus: Is it okay to not celebrate Valentine’s Day even though you have a partner? Why or why not?
If you are single, then absolutely ignore the day. Should you be partnered, and if you and your other decide not to partake then I don’t see and issue.


Play along at TMI Tuesday.


One comment

  1. nero · February 20

    Q5 has possibly the right answer, but so difficult when you haven’t had any for soooo long! 🙂


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