Simplicity 9769 #5

You may recall that I am altering the commercial pattern to include a lining and external boning channels.

When I completed the initial stage of the lining and fashion layers, I sat down with the directions for 9769 and the directions from 7215, which included a liner. When planning out the boning channels, the step I bumped up against was when to install the lining.

In 7215 the liner is installed upon completion of the two layers, where I am now. The issue I’m concerned with is that this lining may need to be floating. If I install it now, placing the boning channels will also stitch my fashion layer and my lining together, something I’m not sure I want.

I’m thinking I’ll install the boning channels and then handle the lining installation. In 7215, two of the channels were placed before the lining so I have some direction as to how to go about it using this method. I can always stitch in the ditch if I opt to affix the layers after the fact.

Additionally, I’m running into a spacing issue for the channels. Because I reduced the size of the pattern beyond what is allowed by the pattern drawing, a couple of channel edges are now beneath seam allowances.


Channels placed on all seams as directed with the center channel adjusted for size.

What I have decided to do is place several external channels and see how they look. I will then place the remaining channels by eye, using the pattern markings as suggestions rather than commands. I’m pretty sure I can make it work. If not I can always rip it out, a luxury I do not have when working with leather.


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